About Yuanks

As leader of high pressure and SWRO integrated system. Our strong experiences coming from marine naval architect and industry specialist, we assured to provide customers excellent service and best product quality.

Yuanks High-Pressure and Relevant Systems

About Yuanks

We are experts in R&D, design and manufacturing of high pressure water process applications.

Yuanks's Ability

In practical experience, Yuanks has system design such as low pressure and large flow to high pressure and large flow. The integration of constant pressure and inverting conversion systems, coupled with circuit board and program-controlled design, allows our business and customers to penetrate various commercial levels. It includes fluid dynamically flow analysis in the marine industry, traditional industry, metal processing industry, high-end fluid and pressure balance calculation. For existing legacy equipment, we can perform performance analysis and provide suggestions for improvement, and in practice, we can quickly propose a modified model design. We accompanying customers to grow together, trust each other and build a stable partnership, as a technical assistance role to spare no effort.

Yuanks's Mission

Founded in Taiwan, Yuanks Industry is based in Yilan Science Park, Yilan City, we build our ability to quickly provide customers with problem solving. Through in-depth understanding of customer needs and concerns, Yuanks's goal is to provide users with better choices in the world's water-related equipment industry. Customers will always think of Yuanks, which means we are their very important high-pressure water equipment supplier.

The Core Value of Yuanks

It is the first in Taiwan to be able to apply the water standard that meets the laboratory specifications to a large-scale desalination machine and to a research ship. Only through continuous experimentation and innovation, our ability to develop and research can always satisfy our customers' design capabilities. In addition, our engineering specialist of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Combine high pressure water application with heat flow balance to create a high efficiency, fast response control system.

Yuanks's Vision

Since its establishment, Yuanks has been committed to providing high quality and high reliability products. We are committed to attracting professionals, partners and customers in all areas and regions. We are committed to creating, developing and sustaining our customers.

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If there is any questionnaire or inquiries please feel free to conact us.

Yuanks's concept

With experiences in the industry for years, we expect to give customers excellent service and product quality. Providing efficient service and competitive prices to meet customer demands is the principle and objective we consistently adhered to.